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Defog It Antifog clears paper mill's fog in heat, cold and steam



papermill photo

printable versionThe Work Environment: Heat, cold, steam.
For a southern U.S. paper mill, part of a multinational pulp and paper company, fogged safety eyewear is a constant struggle. Workers move frequently between hot and cold rooms, and have to deal with the hot steam pouring out from their equipment. Keeping safety glasses from fogging is a constant struggle.

When one of the workers got a sample Clarity Defog It antifog towelettes from a
friend who recommended it, he decided to see how it would work in the paper
mill’s harsh environment.

Defog It antifogResults: The Clarity Defog It “is an excellent product for us.”
“Going from a very cold room of about 68o directly to my dryer hoods of about
145o, there was no fogging of my glasses,” he said. “I noticed that we would get
some sweating, but you could still see through your glasses. This is an excellent
product for us.”

Next step? He decided to give a demonstration of Defog It to his Plant
Superintendent. “I just had my super walk over to my work station with me, and
lifted up the hood,” he explains. “His safety glasses fogged. Mine didn’t. That’s
when I showed him the Defog It towelette in my pocket.”

That demonstration triggered an order for Defog It antifog towelettes for the whole
plant workforce. Now that the sample product is standard safety equipment at the
mill, the original tester is an even bigger fan: “I feel very optimistic about the future
of its use in our mill.

The promise: It works.
The Clarity Defog It anti-fog formula is used by the military around the world to
prevent fogged eyewear in vision-critical situations. It’s been rigorously tested for
performance. In one test, a lens treated with Defog It was held over constant hot
steam for 60 minutes without fog forming. Similar products failed in as little as 5
minutes. In another test, lenses coated with Clarity Defog It were moved between
cold and hot environments 100 times without fog forming.


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