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“Dang, I can’t see!” Ten times you wish you’d remembered Defog It antifog.


Defog It Anti fog ProductOk, you know how well Defog It stops fog like crazy. After all, it was first used by the military worldwide in some unbelievable environments. So why do you still get literally blind-sided by fogging conditions? Here are 10 nasty situations that could have been cleared up by keeping Defog It close at hand. A few questions about work, play or everyday life can help you make a much-appreciated recommendation.

  1. Take the heat in the kitchen. Tired of peering over the top of fogged up glasses every time you open the oven door? Or squinting through the steam from a tasty pot of chicken soup? With Defog It antifog you’ll always know what’s cooking.
  2. You lost the coin toss, and it’s 95 degrees outside. That means you’re mowing the lawn! Virtually all lawn mower manufacturers recommend safety glasses or goggles. Fog can be a problem in the afternoon or early morning dew.
  3. Keep Defog It antifog in your shop or garage with your other mowing gear. Another eye safety tip – clear the lawn of debris, toys or other objects that could be thrown by the mower. Find out more in this eHow article.
  4. Bicycle ride anyone? Triathletes use Defog It on their glasses when they ride – think about it for your glasses or sunglasses. Peddle power can steam them up! Defog It antifog keeps them clear.
  5. No more tiny pieces of toilet paper stuck to your face. Or legs. If you wear glasses, you know how they fog up in a hot, steamy bathroom. Who can see to shave? Face or legs? Defog It antifog can eliminate the cuts and ouchies that come with shaving blind.
  6. Bitty league basketball – see the ball, be the ball. More NBA basketball players are wearing safety eyewear. No wonder it’s mandatory in many youth basketball leagues. A fog-free view should go with it! (If safety eyewear isn’t mandatory for your team, check out this Children’s Sports Eye Safety Guide from Prevent Blindness America.)
  7. A-hunting you will go. The National Shooting Sports Foundation remind hunters to always wear shatter-proof eye protection – preferably a wrap-around style that also offers UV protection. Keep vision clear with an antifog so you can be sure that movement in the distance is roaming game, not fellow hunters.
  8. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Fog! You’re in a toasty warm house but have to trek through the blizzard to the mailbox. Or, you’re in your cool-as-a-cucumber car and head out into a July sauna of an afternoon (Louisiana, we’re talking to you!) Prevent hot-and-cold running fog with a quick swipe.
  9. A steaming cup o’ joe. Can’t see with it, can’t live without it. Who doesn’t love hovering over that caffeinefortified morning jolt? But if it steams up your view of the TV news or (worse yet) the road, that’s tough to swallow.
  10. Calling all Hogs! If you’re cranking up the chopper for your commute, you know how early morning dew or afternoon mugginess can fog up your helmet visor. And rain puts a real damper on your view. Pick up Defog It, and you’re sure to be an Easy Rider.
See the future. Well, at least plan for it. 90° or 5 below. Humidity or rain. Snow or sweat. In a blink, eyewear can fog up at work, play, everyday. Expect the unexpected and keep Defog It antifog in your pocket or sport bag, desk drawer or kitchen cabinet, workshop and playroom. Then nothing is going to get between you and a clear view of a great day.


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